New Ulm, MN – U.S. Representatives Michelle FischbachPete StauberTom Emmer and Brad Finstad issued the following statement:

“In just five months, the unchecked Democrat Party has wreaked unprecedented havoc on Minnesotans and our future. For weeks, fellow Members of Congress from across the country have been asking us what is wrong with the lawmakers in St. Paul.

Like us, they are shocked at how the Democrat-controlled legislature in a few short months recklessly blew an $18 billion surplus on a partisan, special-interest spending spree. When that wasn’t enough to satisfy them, they passed $10 billion in tax increases on the same hardworking Minnesotans who were overtaxed in the first place. Remember the $2,000 rebate checks the Democrats promised during the campaign last fall? Many Minnesotans who pay taxes won’t even receive a penny back, while some will receive $260 at most, much of which will go right back to St. Paul in new delivery, sales, and gas taxes.

Governor Walz and the Democrat-controlled legislature duped Minnesotans.

Their overreach didn’t end with reckless spending. They pursued a litany of other extreme agenda items from new attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights, to drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, to California Green New Deal measures and everything in between. And, of course, with all that spending the only thing they decided to cut was funding for pregnancy care centers for women wanting an alternative to abortion. From the Range to the Red River to Rochester and Rockville, average Minnesotans will remember the Democrats’ broken promises and extreme anti-police, anti-freedom, and anti-common sense policies that are anything but ‘One Minnesota.’”