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BRad Finstad in fieldABOUT BRAD FINSTAD

A fourth-generation Minnesotan who continues to help operate the Brown County family farm on which he grew up, Brad Finstad is the kind of public servant who knows how to deliver results for local communities.

Having previously served in the state legislature, along with four years as the Minnesota Director for USDA Rural Development from 2017-2021, Brad brings an abundance of expertise to Congress when it comes to the issues that matter for families across southern Minnesota. Just as importantly, he brings a passion for our communities, our heritage, and our way of life.

That’s why he works relentlessly in DC to protect our values, our jobs, and our freedom. Since being elected to represent Minnesota’s First Congressional District in 2022, Brad has sponsored legislation to strengthen veterans’ services, support our local agriculture industry, promote rural manufacturing and other pressing issues. He also co-sponsored the Parents Bill of Rights Act to ensure liberal bureaucrats (whether they’re in DC or St. Paul) can’t impose their values on local schools over the objections of moms and dads here in southern Minnesota.

But in 2023, Brad’s top priority has been to ensure the Farm Bill is written in a way that serves the needs of local farmers and rural communities.

Along with his wife Jackie, he is the proud parent of seven children, and he wants to ensure they – and all kids – enjoy great schools, safe neighborhoods, strong values, and abundant opportunities to live their own American Dreams here in our great state.



A family farmer himself, Brad understands that agriculture is the bedrock of American freedom and prosperity, and he brings the kind of knowledge and leadership we need in DC fighting against the “Green New Deal” policies that threaten our livelihoods.


Brad thinks it’s outrageous that veterans are often denied the full benefits they earned through service, and he is devoted to slashing red tape and removing regulations that allow our veterans to slip through the cracks of an over-complicated system.


With our abundance of natural resources, along with our technological capabilities, why is America importing energy from other countries, especially those with hostile governments? Brad knows the answer is because we’ve allowed liberal politicians to hamstring our production in the name of “fixing” climate change. That’s why he works to unleash our coal, oil, gas, nuclear power and more so we can create jobs, bring down prices for families, and enhance our national security.


Government exists to protect our freedoms, not take them away. Brad is proud to champion our freedoms in Congress, and he will always fight back against left-wing efforts to infringe on our individual liberty.